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Day #1 Sessions

Day #1. Sessions of the 3rd Annual EMS Leadership Summit

Broadcast Kickoff Session

Rob Cook

Healthy Living is an Art

Rethink what healthy means to you. 69% of EMS professionals report not having enough time to recover. Rather than healthy lifestyles being optional, seeing healthy living as an art and a creative mindset. Get unFit with Rob Cook by undoing the dogma of other people's ideas. Special treat, watch Rob Cook's session early!

Scott Moore

Climbing the Professional Ladder - Steps to Being a Better Leader

In this session, we will discuss the importance of professional development for an EMS leader. We will explore professional ethics and responsibility and their personal obligation to seek education and development, formal or otherwise. We will discuss how a commitment to healthcare leadership, is a commitment to lifelong learning and that personal and professional growth is an important part of the successful leadership of others. In this session, we will also discuss their obligation to and strategies for assisting in the development of those who they work with and supervise. This session will also explore the educational opportunities and programs available for EMS professionals.

Chris Smetana

Culture | This is the Way

In this presentation the CEO of IA MED discusses his thoughts on how company culture should be at the forethought of an organization and not an afterthought. The importance of culture in the evolving world of business. We'll discuss how a toxic culture can impact your growth. Discover how leaders can impact their company's culture with just a few changes. 

Richard Lee

From Responding to Vaccinating: How St John Trained an Army of Volunteer Vaccinators

This presentation will explain how St John recruited, trained, and deployed 27,000 volunteer vaccinators in 4 months.

Panel Discussion:
Mark Tenia, Alexia Jobson, Rob Lawrence

EMS Public Relations & COVID-19 Communication: Lessons Learned

Join leading communications and public relations experts, Mark Tenia of Richmond Ambulance Authority, Alexia Jobson of REMSA Health, and Rob Lawrence of American Ambulance Association, California Ambulance Association, and Prodigy EMS. In this panel discussion we'll look back at some of the communication successes and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. The strategies used for internal and external communication, lobbying for EMS funding and the partnerships that were utilized to magnify messages and deliver them with consistency. We will also look back at the areas where we saw room for improvement and changes that can be implemented in the future for improved communication. Special treat, watch this panel session early!

David Daniels

I'll Feel Safe When You Let Me be Me

EMS is one of the least diverse services in the country whose services are primarily publicly focused. One of the issue that keeps EMS organizations homogeneous is the lack of freedom for people to bring their "whole selves" to work. This presentation will cover some of the steps that can be taken to establish a climate of psychosocial safety that will help everyone feel psychologically safe.

William Martin

Unlocking your superpowers to build dynamic teams

We’re going to learn how the mind works and about the link between psychological safety and physical safety that could prevent adverse outcomes and build a strong culture of safety in your organization. This presentation draws on Billy's career an electric utility lineman, a flight paramedic and flight nurse, and in his free time expeditions to Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Mt Rainier, Everest Base Camp, and is involved in wilderness rescue. 

Day #1 Daily Debrief

Day #2 Sessions

Day #2. Sessions of the 3rd Annual EMS Leadership Summit

Russ Brown

Not all superheroes wear capes! Reigniting your passion for medicine.

Burnout is prevalent in emergency and prehospital medicine today. This dynamic and inspiring lecture will help reignite that passion you once held for medicine. Some of the topics discussed will be how to cultivate a growth mindset over a fixed mindset, strategies for helping to mitigate burnout and promote wellness, finding your why, and achieving excellence!

Chris Cebollero

Ultimate Coaching: Skills for Developing A Highly Engaged Workforce

The true measurement of leadership success is how engaged, satisfied and productive the workforce is. As a leader your role is to get work completed though other people, then getting the very best out of those people in the process. Join Chris Cebollero as he outlines some tips from his Number 1 Best Selling Book on the skills you need to have to holding a great coaching session. 

Wendy Lund

Stewardship: Strategies for spiraling upwards in the long haul

The psychological effects of trauma in the prehospital environment are plenty under normal circumstances, combined with a pandemic and the ever increasing stressors on our personnel, we must look to researched strategies that will create resilience. In this session we dive into practical strategies for provider wellness that are based in science. 

Ryan Fields-Spack

The Response Operations Group: Explained

As leaders we must understand the tools available and at our disposal when faced with disaster situations that often cripple telecom infrastructure. Learn how the FirstNet Authority, in the US, powered by AT&T has invested in a resilient infrastructure to support emergency operations.  

Louis van Rensburg

EMS Systems Development in low to middle income countries (LMIC's)

EMS systems are unique, and the development of such requires "out of the box thinking". LMIC's in particular might find this challenging due to various limitations and first world influences. How do we overcome these or mitigate these effects knowing that EMS services are essential to the communities?

Asbel Montes

The Intersection of Politics and HealthCare Policy

Attendees will obtain valuable information on why it is important to understand the role of politics in healthcare policy. Attendees will leave this session understanding why the 3 R's are important to healthcare policy design and implementation: Resource, Relationship, and Response.

Marques Bush

Forging Leadership: Removing Excuses, creating a culture of retention.

If you’re experiencing recruitment and retention issues, you’re not alone. According to a January 2020 Adaptability & Innovation for EMS Recruitment and Retention report from NHTSA, they found 69% of rural agencies had difficulty recruiting & retaining personnel. In this presentation, you'll hear from a passionate deputy chief about the future of recruitment & retention – really taking care of the whole person.

Duncan McConnell

Clinical change within a complex health care system

Duncan will be discussing how he has begun implementing proven transformational leadership strategies, operational capability improvements and educational reform used internationally, and across an organisation that has had little to no change over the past 10 years. He will be highlighting the many challenges and successes so far, plus the strategies created to ensure growth, sustainability and transformational change within the organisation and the health care network it works with.

Daily Debrief Day #2

Day #3 Sessions

Day #3. Sessions of the 3rd Annual EMS Leadership Summit

Chris Kroboth

Less talk, more walk

This talk will focus on the successful integration and use of simulation and stratified debriefing to help close the loop on foundational and continuing education programs. We will discuss how to help students build their Rolodex of experience through active simulation with real time metrics and hands-on training. This model and approach can be applied to any initial and continuing education classroom setting, as well as integration of training around QA/QI and medical direction. The foundation of the talk will be centered on our successful deployment of this model in our Continuing Education, Field FTEP Internship and our initial education in house EMT-B and VCU Paramedic programs.

Mara Gleason-Olsen

Discovering the One Solution to All Your EMS Leadership Challenges: Igniting the Solver Inside Everyone

What if there is one solution to all your EMS Leadership challenges and the solution is so simple that we overlooked it? In this compelling and profound conversation you will discover the innocent misunderstanding at the source of all the challenges you encounter and the one solution that will help you to create lasting change on any problem on any scale.

Scott Moore

The Green Wave, Challenges for EMS Employers in a Time of Legalized Marijuana

There has been a wave across the U.S. of legislation that has legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana. This wave has caused considerable challenges for EMS employers given the nature of the work performed by the EMS workforce. In many instances, the state law prohibits an employer from discriminating or taking other disciplinary action against workers for their off-duty marijuana use. Many EMS employers are federal contractors or grantees and must abide by the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988. However, due to the newness of legalized marijuana, the application of the state and federal law has not played out in the courts allowing employers to understand how to ensure compliance with laws that appear to contradict each other. This session will discuss what employers can do to protect their patients, employees, and workplace during this time of radically shifting opinions about marijuana.

Chris Smetana

Lunch & Learn LIVE: Discover the CME Collective

Learn how individuals and organizations can learn and earn CME credits from those on the leading edge of critical care, including popular podcasts: Heavy Lies the Helmet, REBEL EM, Push Dose Medic, Med Inspired, Master Your Medics & More.

Alyssa Vance & Clarence Dickens

Recruitment and retention in the age of social media

Social media presence reaches a wide audience. With formal onboarding sessions for incoming recruits and positive communication between Recruitment and the Basic Training Academy there is a successful transition from applicant to recruit transition. Meet the recruitment team from Fairfax County Fire Rescue, and learn more.

Jack Sullivan

EMS Safety & Survival at Roadway Incidents

EMS personnel respond to a wide variety of roadway incidents, such as crashes, pedestrians struck by vehicles, other medical emergencies, natural disasters, and weather events. In addition to working roadway incidents, many times EMS must park on and traverse a roadway to access patients who are in off-roadway locations. Operating on or near active roadways puts EMS providers at risk of being struck by vehicles. This program focuses on safety hazards associated with operating on or near a roadway, particularly in the single ambulance response situation where other agencies are not (or are not yet) on scene to assist with traffic incident management tasks.

David Hiltz,
Tom Rea,
Jim Suozzi,
Ann Doll

Challenging Sudden Death: EMS Leadership Strategies to Enhance Survival

Leaders from the internationally recognized Resuscitation Academy and Citizen CPR Foundation come together to discuss strategies to enhance survivability at the local level and what EMS leaders can do to drive positive change. 

Louis van Rensburg

EMS Systems Development in Low to Middle Income Countries (LMICs)

EMS systems are unique, and the development of such requires "out of the box thinking". LMIC's in particular might find this challenging due to various limitations and first world influences. How do we overcome these or mitigate these effects knowing that EMS services are essential to the communities? 

Daily Debrief Day #3

Day #4 Sessions

Day #4. Sessions of the 3rd Annual EMS Leadership Summit

Eric Hamel

Dude: One furry strategy in PTSD prevention

PTSD prevention as been the poor child of emergency services for a long time. Paramedics see people in their worst times and were expected, not long ago, to be able to continue their duties as if nothing happened. The reality is that many of them are emotional bombs ready to explode. In this presentation, we will share with the audience how we introduced a therapy dog among all the strategies we have put in place to prevent PTDS in our service. This session will be in French along with English captions, translation services provided by Technimount.

Kristy Halvorsen

Unscripted Leadership

 In her mid-twenties Kristy became a trailblazer and leader in fire & EMS as a Lieutenant adept at leading teams, and bringing out the innate ability for everyone to access the leader within. Since retiring in 2017, she has been a coach, partner & guide for many leaders with a mission to reconnect the world to the simplicity and complete freedom that lives at the heart of who we are.

Eric Chase

Leadership & Vulnerability: The power of 'Yes and'

Increase collaboration and engagement in a positive/psychologically safe environment. A process of sharing, listening and strengthening soft skills in order to become more aware of one's emotions and abilities especially when in high-stake situations. A communication skill set must be in place. How Improv techniques can build a framework for improved creativity, inclusion and acceptance. When intentional about accepting other thoughts and ideas, even without agreement, we allow for growth to occur.

Mic Gunderson

 Quality Unleashed

A focus on quality is hyped as a priority in a lot of EMS missions statement and marketing materials, but seldom do organizations truly differentiate themselves in quality as evidenced by their processes and results compared to other EMS organizations. This sessions will explore how EMS leaders go beyond the hype and truly make quality a differentiator, competitive advantage, and core element of its culture.

Panel: HVS Systems

HVS: Hydrogen Powered Ambulance & The Scottish Ambulance Service

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems, a Glasgow based company,  was selected to engineer and build a functional ambulance for the Scottish Ambulance Service. We'll discuss the safety and environmental implications this has for EMS services in the UK, and beyond.

Cory Key

Military Support Programs

Does your agency have military personnel? Are you looking for ideas on how to handle military deployments, behavioral health for current military/veterans, or laws surrounding military members? This presentation is for anyone that has military personnel past, present, or future and would like to develop a program to support your military personnel, as well as provide an avenue to advise supervisors on military matters. Programs can be developed for paid, volunteer, small, large, third party or any other agency type/size.

Daily Debrief Day #4

Day #5 Sessions

Day #5. Sessions of the 3rd Annual EMS Leadership Summit

Nadine Levick

EMS Safety & Innovations. The Future Is Now.

A cutting edge overview of EMS Safety innovations. You will gain an understanding of the applied interdisciplinary realm of safety innovation and how to apply this to your service - to save time, lives and money!

You will get full acces to a recorded session that we had with all the participants that bought pre-order tickets. 

Scott Moore

The Long-Awaited Evolution of Performance Management

The turnover experienced by many of the country’s EMS agencies is reaching a critical failure point. Despite this crisis, many EMS organizations are failing to evolve their employment practices. Many EMS leaders attribute a significant portion of their personnel challenges to generational differences. Citing that this “new generation” demands to be managed differently. However, most EMS agencies still practice outdated and counterproductive performance management processes. Recent surveys suggest that nearly 77% of Human Resource executives believe that their current performance review process is not an accurate reflection of employee performance. If EMS agencies are going to survive, it is critical for performance feedback practices to change. If your organization is struggling with staffing and has utilized the same performance feedback tools for more than 5 years, you are part of the problem. This session will explore the latest research regarding the most effective performance feedback practices that are actually driving employee retention, recruitment, and ultimately, business results. Attendees will leave this session with a road map to bring back to their agency to create real change.

Rick Rumpenthal

Leadership in Constant Chaos

There is a view that we are looking at new norms once Covid19 is under control, but are we only still looking at the tip of the iceberg? The new norm is changing daily and a different model of leadership will be required. One that is adaptable and sustainable.

In this session you will see what adaptive leadership looks like, and the need for it at all levels of leadership in the organization. Most importantly how to create stability through self-care.

Suz Jeffreys

Food as Fuel for Busy Leaders: How to Eat Better, Even on Your Busiest Days

Discover the latest nutrition facts that help our health, and shocking food fads that hinder it! Learn why so many EMS professionals struggle with obesity, poor sleep, lack of focus, low energy, diabetes, heart disease and more. Take away simple, actionable tips to eat healthier on a budget, conveniently and deliciously, even on your busiest days.

Scott Porter,
Jamison Peevyhouse,
Ashley Cashion

Panel: Leaning Into the Future: So many Tools, So Little Time

Have you ever been given a street address, only to find out it didn’t help with locating the patient and led to significant delays? As an emergency call-taker, when seconds count, are you frustrated when you can’t accurately describe where the caller is? How about as an organization have you been presented with the idea of a new tool and thought -- how are we ever going to integrate or train on this, people’s plates are already too full?! -- Well you certainly aren’t alone, we’re going behind the scenes with three of the largest companies who have made it their mission to perfect this process.

Lisa Rainey

 Managing EMS Supplies: The Shampoo Principle

This session will walk participants through commonly used ordering and stocking processes and take a look at the psychology of inventory management from scarcity and hoarding to fully stocked shelves and everything in between. We will take a fresh look at streamlining logistics covering items such as supply room organization, tracking field usage, calculating ideal stock levels, and finding the right order frequency for your organization.

Keith Blevens

The Answer Everyone On Earth Is Trying To Figure Out

"Whether they are aware of the fact or not, everyone on earth is trying to figure out a mystical puzzle. Those who have been successful in finding the answer to this puzzle are sometimes called the enlightened ones. Such people always had a profound message to give to this world. Ironically, they were often frowned upon because of the mystical ways in which they spoke and the fact that what they had to say quite often went against the status quo of intellectual thinking." Sydney Banks (unpublished text)

Day #5 - Daily Debrief

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Robbie MacCue

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