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Welcome to Day 5 Of The EMS Leadership Summit

"The language of leadership, leading change, & leading Others"

Featuring Heather Edward & Dr. Angelo Caravaggio

Rank, title and position have nothing to do with leadership.

Leadership is not so much what we do but who we are and how we use who we are to influence our superiors, peers, and followers to work towards a common or shared purpose. 

As a leader, you are always on stage and you are always communicating. 

This presentation provides a new framework for understanding leadership that can be applied by anyone every day. The goal is to create effective leaders at all levels of an organization.

"Field Staff Engagement Using
         the Team Based Quality Model"

Featuring Mic Gunderson, EMT-P (Ret.), FAEMS
Editor-In-Chief of the International Journal of Paramedicine &
CEO of the Center for Systems Improvement

For most EMS organizations, a major limiting factor to regularly conducting quality improvement projects is the bandwidth of the manager responsible for the quality program.

The team-based quality model provides an alternative to traditional EMS quality programs and may also help with field staff engagement, add rungs to your clinical career ladder, maybe even help with recruitment and retention.

Learn about how the model was developed, how it works and get some insights on how to implement it.

"From the files of a bowtie wearing EMS alchemist & futurist: A 2016 prediction on the digital transmutation of healthcare comes home to roost in 2022"

Featuring Jonathan D. Washko, MBA, FACPE, NRP, AEMD

Learn how a 2016 prediction on the disruption of EMS and healthcare has rapidly accelerated post COVID and its implications on EMS, healthcare and its future. 

Learn about and become an EMS alchemist, Learn about transmutation and how to take advantage of it, understand the importance of technology and data as part of this change.

"Building a Data Highway for Reducing
Risks on the Roadway"

Featuring Dr. Candice McDonald

President of Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's Association (CVVFA), the home of ResponderSafety

“D” drivers are a threat to every first responder operating at a roadway incident. “D” drivers are the ones who are drowsy, drugged, drunk, distracted, disgruntled, or just plain disrespectful. Created as a Committee of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's Association, the Emergency Responder Safety Institute (ERSI) has worked for over two decades with national partners to offer best practices and research-based strategies for reducing struck-bys in the first responder community.

If you have served as first responder for any length of time, you must likely have experienced a “D” driver posing a threat to your roadway operations. The increase in LODDs and injuries among first responders caused by “D” drivers demonstrates a need to help decision-makers understand the risks. Data tells a story and drives funding and ERSI has developed a struck-by database to help others understand what we experience. We need our elected officials, project managers, and the public on board to help us create change through prioritization of this problem and funding solutions that get us to zero struck-by incidents.

This data is going to help get us there, if emergency responders from every agency participate and submit reports. Documenting and analyzing the data will eventually help make us all safer out there. This workshop will introduce how to use the national struck-by database to report incidents and will provide you with talking points to educate your stakeholders about the dangers of roadway operations.  

"Problem Solving Struggles;
        Complexity, Messes and Wickedness "

Featuring Mike Touchstone, BS, FACEP

We are going to define Wicked Problems (they're more than just an issue from Boston) and explain the difference between traditional problem solving vs. design thinking.

Why is it that these methods have been researched and published for over 40 years yet still not used in EMS?

We also discuss the importance of affective domain skill competence and illustrate how these essential skills can be developed in others. 

"How to get your 'Unfair Share' of our most Limited Resource: Provider Talent"

Featuring Josh Watts

An inside look at WHY people really leave your company, and WHY they stay. 

As the founder and former CEO of MedTrust Holdings, a Southeast Regional leader in Interfacility Transport and Mobile Healthcare, Josh Watts is actively leading cultural and workforce initiatives. Having grown the company from 3 employees to more than 400 operating in the states of SC, GA, FL, we recognize the most defensible competitive advantage: company culture. 

"The Cutting Edge of ems safety & innovation"

Featuring Dr. Nadine Levick, MD, MPH
LIVE Sat, 9/24 @ 2P ET

Dr. Nadine Levick joins us from Israel live to give her annual keynote talk about prehospital innovations and safety. 

You'll hear what the latest innovations are and how we can do things better, safer, and cheaper.

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