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Welcome to Day 4 Of The EMS Leadership Summit

"Lunch & Learn Communication as the Foundation for effective leadership & change"

Featuring Lisa Giruzzi & Robbie MacCue

Your Summit Co-Hosts & Founders of the EMS Leadership Academy

Join Lisa and Robbie in this engaging and innovative  lunch & learn.

This session will be interactive and be less than 90 minutes. We will give you the framework for effective change and leadership, which can also support you in being more effective in other areas of your life. 

We say communication is the foundation for every relationship and yet it is often overlooked.

In this program you will discover the innocent misunderstanding that is at the source of all struggle and upset as well as what to do about it.

"Creating the Impossible: Innovate Before It's Too Late"

Featuring Michael Neill

Best Selling Author & Coach 

Does changing your organization seem impossible?

Would you like to be inspired instead of discouraged about the future?

In this presentations you will learn the secret to creating the impossible and how being inspired is a result of what you're focused on rather than a requirement to take action.

"Eject Eject Eject |
         Recognizing Your Inner Flat Spin"

Featuring Chris Smetana
Co-Founder of IA MED & Senior Director of Education

In this talk, we seek to understand the causes that lead to burnout and how to self-recognize the signs in ourselves and our teammates.

Chris share’s some his personal experience going through burnout along with how you can self-recover and hopefully prevent or minimize future occurrences.

With the growing spotlight on mental health among first responders, protect your mental health and wellbeing while staying balanced.

"Inspiration through Inclusion"

Featuring Dr. I. David Daniels, PhD
Founder of ID2 Solutions & Host of Psych Health & Safety Podcast USA

The command-and-control leadership model that built the EMS System will destroy it in the future.

In the information age, no one person can or will possess all of the knowledge, skill, or ability to maximize the effectiveness of an EMS system. 

The wave of the present and foundation to future success is leadership by inspiration and inspiration by inclusion.

"Dress for the Job You Want - Developing Leaders in EMS"

Featuring Scott Moore, Esq.

Founder of Newton360 & Moore EMS Consulting

This session is intended for all provider levels but is primarily geared toward individuals currently serving in a supervisory or other EMS leadership role. One of the greatest challenges facing many EMS organizations is the actual or perceived lack of a formal career ladder or career progression. According to the AAA/Newton 360 Ambulance Industry Employee Turnover Study, turnover rates for EMS supervisors was 15%, nearly 20% of supervisor turnover attributed to lack of career advancement opportunities.

Many EMS agency senior executives struggle to develop new leaders in their organizations and are finding that they are having difficulty identifying the next generation of supervisors and managers. Often, they report having to exert a great deal of energy and resources to motivate or incentivize team members to professionally develop or prepare for promotional opportunities. The need for competent and knowledgeable supervisors, managers, and senior leaders in the EMS professions. Those who seek a stable EMS leadership career can be assured of an opportunity rich industry.

This session will demonstrate a professional development plan that any EMS professional can utilize to ensure that they are qualified and prepared for every promotional opportunity they encounter during the course of their EMS career. During the session we will outline the key knowledge, skills, and abilities that are a critical success factors for any EMS leader. Additionally, we will discuss the formal and informal educational resources that any EMS professional can access as part of their professional development.

"The Power of the Association:
       Education vs advocacy "

Featuring Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania:  Heather Sharar, Executive Director &
 Don DeReamus, Legislative Committee Chair

Heather Sharar

Don DeReamus

The Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania recently had several legislative successes that will go down in the books as one the most wins in any legislative session in recent memory.

This is exciting but it also did not happen overnight. Gaining member engagement and support IS crucial to any project but especially with educating legislators and government officials.

The session will cover the history of how we have been able to gain momentum and passage of recent legislation.

"The Israeli EMS in times of war"

Featuring Dr. Oren Wacht, PhD, Paramedic
Ben Gurion University, Magen David Adom

During operation protective edge 4500 missiles were fired on Israeli civilians, civilian EMS had to deal with "regular" calls and calls related to missile attacks. A major part of the EMS workforce was drafted to the military.

Learn about the civilian Israeli EMS systems operations in times of war and terror, and how they prepare for a critical emergency in daily operations.

Discover how military conflict effects civilian EMS, and about the changing trends in EMS technology.

"Normalizing Accountability Conversations"

Featuring Eric Chase of EMS Improv
& Guest Ryan Thorne, Thorne Ambulance Service

Eric Chase

Ryan Thorne

Learn how to normalizing accountability conversations and how much mindset really matters.

Data shows that 82% of managers acknowledge they have "limited to no" ability to hold others accountable, and 91% of employees would say that "effectively holding others accountable" is one of their company's top leadership-development needs. 

6% of employees get feedback once per year. (How to Actually Encourage Employee Accountability- Ron Carrucci, Harvard Business News) 

"One Provider's Journey Overcoming the effects of a stroke, & Understanding Aphasia"

Featuring Avi Golden and Kaitlin Brooks

Kaitlin Brooks

Avi Golden

Stroke effects 800,000 people per year in the United States and in this session you'll hear from a former flight paramedic who had a stroke. 

Avi is on a mission to help raise awareness in the EMS industry of aphasia and help educate others.

Dr. Kaitlin Brooks, PhD of speech pathology joins with a talk about they different types of aphasia and what first responders can do to be better prepared. 

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