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Welcome to Day 5 Of The EMS Leadership Summit

The Cutting Edge of ems safety & innovation

Featuring Dr. Nadine Levick, MD, MPH

Dr. Nadine Levick joins us from Israel live to give her annual keynote talk about prehospital innovations and safety. 

You'll hear what the latest innovations are and how we can do things better, safer, and cheaper.

Pioneering Paths: Charting a New Course for Mental Health Leadership in Public Safety

Featuring Chris Smetana of MindTheFrontline.org

Learn to dismantle mental health stigmas in public safety by adopting innovative programs, and build resilient cultures in EMS.

This session offers strategies for effective management and community engagement to support EMS leader well-being and foster a healthier, more supportive public safety environment 

The Unpredictable Garden

Featuring Julianne Stevenson
Founder of Sterling Credentials

 In her 2022 talk Julianne introduced the importance of “Educational Leadership”—the implementation of leadership principles by educators. This time, she will show us some of the practical tools which GREW from application of these principles to the learning environment.

You’ll have actionable (and proven effective) items to enhance your “garden” in just about 30 minutes.

 Leadership: Who are you being?

Featuring Ankush Jain, MBA, FACPE, NRP, AEMD

This session will delve into the being behind effective leadership and how you can have greater impact by leveraging this one aspect of who you are.

Ankush Jain is a coach, business consultant, father, author, podcast host and public speaker based in the UK. He is the founder of the AJC Coaching Career School and The Powerful Men's Immersions which are the best personal development programs for men in the world. Clients fly from all around the globe to work with him and he is amongst the most successful coaches in Europe. 

The Transformative Power of Deep Listening

Featuring Jack Pransky, PhD

Leadership can be enhanced in a major way by "Deep Listening." The ultimate form of leadership is for people to be empowered to act from their own wisdom. When we deeply listen to those who work for us, it brings out the wisdom within, which can only be obscured by people's own creative use of their Power of Thought.

Research in EMS: Where do we go from here?
Elevating the voices of women within EMS

Featuring Molly McCann-Pineo, PhD, MS

Explore the future of women in EMS with insights from Dr. McCann-Pineo's latest work within the Northwell Health Center for EMS. Learn about the mental health and occupational challenges female EMS clinicians face, identify their unique needs, and discuss ways to enhance their wellbeing and career experiences

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