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Welcome to Day 4 Of The EMS Leadership Summit

Understanding why we react the way we do: Harnessing emotional intelligence for leadership success

Featuring Raphael Barishansky

Learn to understand and manage emotions for professional success, crucial for negotiations, decision-making, and communication. This session offers practical tips to enhance your EQ, defining its key elements and demonstrating its impact on work relationships and conflict resolution, aiming for improved personal and organizational resilience

Finding A System That Works.
Solutions to Workforce Challences

Featuring Cory Key

Battalion Chief 

This presentation will discuss current challenges with Fire and Rescue Systems today with building and sustaining staffing requirements and ALS providers.

It will review the data collected from the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department and the steps it is taking to mitigate those challenges and short comings.

The High Cost of Administrative Misdiagnosis of Process Variation

Featuring Mic Gunderson

All processes have variation, but managers often fail to differentiate between variations that are are normal and 'common' within a process and the variations that come from 'special' circumstances.

Treating 'common' variation as it was coming from a 'special cause' can be expensive and dangerous. Same goes from treating 'special cause' variation as if it was 'common' variation. This presentation will examine the problem and show how to correctly make this crucial administrative differential diagnosis.

Igniting Volunteer EMS Recruitment & Retention

Featuring Dr. Candice McDonald, PhD, NREMT
CEO National Volunteer Fire Council

Are you tired of seeing the flame of passion dim among your team? Are you actively seeking innovative strategies to attract new members and keep your current members engaged?

Let’s equip you with the knowledge to boost your efforts to create a dynamic team. This workshop is based on research-based practices and real-world examples.

It introduces participants to existing tools and strategies to reduce turnover and increase recruitment among all generations.

Creating Focus for a Leadership Team to Drive Results

Featuring Scott Moore, Esq.

Founder of Newton360 & Moore EMS Consulting

Scott talks about the importance of creating focus for leadership teams to drive results. He highlights the challenges of planning and executing projects, emphasizes the value of clear objectives and milestones. Avoid the whirlwind of routine tasks, and understand the importance of leading and lagging indicators, plus the value of accountability and effective meetings.

From Quiet Quitting to Quiet Thriving - a conversation about culture, competence & complacency.

Featuring Wendy Lund

Founder of Wellth Management

There's a saying in the business world that goes something like this; culture eats strategy which might help to explain the global trend in organizations hemorrhaging human capital as a direct result of the environment they work in. While life, death and property take center stage because of their indisputable importance, there has been far less attention paid to supporting employees and their leaders to thrive and flourish in their career.

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