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Welcome to Day 3 Of The EMS Leadership Summit

Behavioral Health on the Frontline:
Moving from Reactive to Proactive

Featuring Dr. Megan McElheran

Clinical Psychologist And CEO of Beyond Operational Stress & Wayfound.ca 

This talk explores the evolution of emergency medical systems and the shift towards understanding the psychological impact of operational stress on paramedics. Learn about the shift from the pseudo-stoic practices to proactive behavioral health strategies, including a training program with proven effectiveness in enhancing psychological wellness. Gain insights into applying researched mental health training and interventions to support frontline professionals

Improving EMS:
Using Kaizen & Clifton to do EMS better

Featuring Jon Kavanagh

Quality isn't just checking the box or a clinical improvement project. It's a system-wide concept, from the way a person applies for a job through an ambulance's oil change. When we look wholistically, we can find opportunities to improve consistency and efficiency, improve risk and resilience, and bring out the "best self" in our people. "Improving EMS" goes beyond traditional QA/QI and brings the proven tools from manufacturing and Fortune 500 companies to you and your agency.

Unlocking Hidden Revenue in EMS:
Maximizing Collections and Discovering Found Money

Featuring Isaac Sobel

Learn to navigate insurance follow-ups, tackle underpayments, and master facility billing to uncover overlooked revenue. With a decade of expertise, this webinar offers practical strategies and real-world examples for enhancing collections and discovering 'Found Money'. Discover the impact of claims management, staff training, and morale on revenue. Don't miss out on maximizing your EMS operation's collections!"

Beyond the Exit Signs - 
Unveiling the True Cost of Ineffective Leadership

Featuring Robbie MacCue, MBA, FP-C & Lisa Giruzzi

While many folks in EMS are concerned about high turnover and staff shortages, few have lasting solutions. People offer a multitude of explanations for the recruitment and retention problem such as low pay, people aren’t interested in EMS as a career, can’t find good help anymore, etc. yet none of these explanations give you actionable access to impacting the problem. In this workshop you will discover how ineffective leadership is creating the conditions for the results you have and what to do about it.

Public Relations 101

Featuring A Panel Discussion

Mark Tenia

Alexia Jobson

Rob Lawrence

Attention spans are getting smaller while our access to information, good and bad, is growing exponentially. How can you make sure you’re being heard in a sea of tweets, texts, and videos? In this session, learn from communication experts about what techniques and tools you can use to make sure you're hitting your target audiences externally and internally with the messages you need to communicate. According to recent research, 30% of all project failures are the direct result of poor communication. Participants will learn how to communicate more concisely using conversational messages and less jargon. In addition, participants will learn about tools they can use besides email to communicate important messages to employees and how to track success. The information will be helpful and useful for the EMS professional on every level as the importance of successful communication is the key to your organization's overall success.

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