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Welcome to Day 2 Of The EMS Leadership Summit

“Presilience” Toolbox for EMS Leaders

Lt. David Dachinger (Ret.) + Bonnie C. Rumilly, LCSW, EMT-B, Certified EMDR Therapist EMDRIA - EMDR Consultant in Training Clinical Director, Fairfield County Trauma Response Team, Inc. Retired EMS Captain

We'll showcase short clips from Responder Resilience interviews, focusing on practical tools and strategies to boost mental health, prevent burnout, and enhance wellness among EMS teams. Each clip will be followed by a discussion on the effectiveness of these tools and how they can benefit EMS personnel to ensure career longevity and improve quality of life. 

Photos From the Front Lines

Derek O. Hanley

Join Derek O. Hanley, a paramedic turned author, on a vivid journey through the first year of COVID-19, showing life on the front lines before the vaccine. Through photos and stories, experience the challenges Alameda County EMS faced, from PPE shortages to mass vaccinations. This talk aims to deepen understanding, discuss mental health impacts, and explore ways to support EMS heroes.

Battlefield to Breakthrough: Full Spectrum Wellness

Rob Cook, Retired US Military

Battlefield to Breakthrough: Full Spectrum Wellness for a vibrant life. Dive into key health and fitness aspects to unlock human potential, understand inner peace, and adopt healthy self-care practices. Discover the power within for overcoming challenges and achieving remarkable well-being through three simple principles."

Reimbursement AND Compensation for Community Paramedicine

Maggie Adams

Here is where you find the topic every EMS service needs to consider: how to get paid for community paramedicine. We will discuss the options that exist for reimbursement from third-party payers. In other cases, compensated contractual arrangements may be a viable approach. We will look at payment models that continue to evolve. After the demise of ET3, we know Medicare's position on reimbursement but where do regulated payers like Medicare Advantage and Medicaid stand on payment for CP services? What about commercial payers? We will explore the critical DOCUMENTATION elements payers may want to see to support why they should pay for CP services.

Ultimate Self Mastery:
Becoming the best version of yourself

Chris Cebollero

In your personal and professional development the objective is to become the best you possibly can. That journey can become a hazard of road blocks, speed bumps and challenges. It’s at that time, most people quit their journey. In this class Bestselling Author Chris Cebollero will break down the skills you need to have to develop a high degree of Self Mastery. This class is the precursor to the next book in the Ultimate Leadership Series. 

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