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Welcome to Day 1 Of The EMS Leadership Summit

"Pandemics are a team sport – Understanding the vital role of EMS in public health emergencies"

Featuring Raphael M. Barishansky, DrPH(c)

The Coronavirus pandemic was a wake up to call to EMS agencies of all shapes and sizes. Questions about personal protective equipment, treatment protocols, transportation determinations and many other issues were asked and, sometimes, unanswered. Not many were truly prepared for it.

The question isn’t “if” but rather “when” the next society-altering pandemic will occur. Understanding the lessons-learned from the new Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic – as well as SARS, H1N1 and Ebola – including significant absenteeism, hospital diversions, decreased mutual aid resources, integration into the larger healthcare system, as well as resource allocations and prioritization are all elements of the changed reality EMS systems will face. EMS leadership needs to engage public health as a vital component in public health emergencies.

This presentation will review the history of various public health emergencies, how these situations challenge and impact EMS systems, planning and operational realities, and then conclude with what we should be doing right now to be prepared for the next one.

"COVID-19 and Mental Health
  - Shi(f)t happens "

Featuring Wendy Lund

How are you? No, really ~ how are you? COVID-19 has changed everything for everybody everywhere. As a first responder and a leader, you were 1st on scene for all of what has happened.

First responders, collectively, were struggling with their mental wellbeing prior to COVID-19 and this crisis has most likely shifted your sense of joy, happiness and overall job satisfaction a little lower on any scale that measures it.

In this session, we'll look at the importance of shifting how we receive and perceive our worlds in these long-haul crisis and apply a health promotion framework to framing your experience, your mental health and understanding of normal reactions to very abnormal experiences such as COVID-19.

"Breaking Down the Silos That Plague Organizational Success "

Featuring Chris Cebollero

An organization needs to take the Vision and make that vision into a reality. Working as a team to develop and achieve goals is where all members needs to focus for ultimate organizational success. But it seems that departments inside organizations operate as an independent contractor rather a member of a team.

In this session we will discover how and why silos happen and how to break down ones plague an organization's success. 

"About the British Columbia EHS & Advancing Clinical Practice "

Featuring Leon Baranowski & Jennie Helmer

In this session you'll discover the advancements in clinical care that are happening in the British Columbia Emergency Health Services system.

"Demonstrative Leadership "

Featuring Marques Bush

In this session you'll discover the advancements in clinical care that are happening in the British Columbia Emergency Health Services system.

"Speak Up: A Lesson in Advocacy"

Featuring Asbel Montes
Partner, Solutions Group

While the foundation of advocacy lies in the message, the success of advocacy requires authenticity, clarity, and listening.

This presentation will provide attendees with an understanding on how politics impacts healthcare policy design and how to navigate the political environment in order to achieve a successful outcome. 

"Transformation · Accreditation · Elevation"

Featuring Dr. Victoria Reinhartz, PharmD, CPh
Chief Executive Officer | MIH/CP Consultant
Mobile Integrated Health / Community Paramedicine Consultant

This session will review practice innovation within EMS, particularly focused on advancements within the field of mobile integrated health and community paramedicine.

The 2022 CAMTS Accreditation Standards for Mobile Integrated Healthcare will be discussed, so that attendees are aware of the latest developments within practice and personnel training.

Opportunities for clinical, administrative, and leadership growth will be discussed as we explore ways to elevate the EMS industry.

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