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The true measurement of leadership success is how engaged, satisfied and productive the workforce is. As a leader your role is to get work completed though other people, then getting the very best out of those people in the process. In this next edition of the Ultimate Leadership Development Series, Best Selling Author Chris Cebollero outlines the foundational skills leaders need to know to develop and Coach a Highly Engaged Workforce. Coaching is a highly personalized method that depends on the coach's experience, skills and capabilities for the individuals Ultimate Coaching Experience. Learn the skills that will foster your foundational competencies to become an outstanding coach. Chapters outline, concentrating your leadership on that of service, learn the skill needed to coach yourself first, how best to motivate and inspire others, and within the practice of coaching guiding those with low self-confidence and low self-esteem. The final chapters outline how best to coach high performers, then transitioning your coaching relationship to that of mentorship.


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